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-Nylon Tube has high mechanical properties, extremely high pressure rating and a wide temperature range. The loss of mechanical strength at elevated temperatures is much less than with other types of plastic tube.It retains its flexibility at sub-zero temperatures.

-Nylon tube us odorless, tasteless, non-toxic, fungus and corrosion resistant, readily sterilized in steam or boiling water.  Thus, fatigue resistance to bending is very great.
-This Tube has excellent chemical resistant being unaffected by gasoline, oils,greases and organic solvents.Lighter than metal, nylon tube makes for ease in handling and installing. Used with nylon fittings, it provides a completely corrosion resistant tubing system. This tube is not  recommended for the use with strong mineral acids,strong oxidizing agents such as hydrogen peroxide, bleach solutions, phenol and creoles.

Note :The working pressured listed for the nylon tubing is rated at +70°F. Any ambient or   internal increase in  temperature will lower the above listed working pressures.

Color : Black, Blue, White

Application :
∙ Piping in pneumatic
∙ Central lubrication systems
∙ Air conditioners
∙ Painting machines
∙ Piping in ship (air pressure control, oil or water gauge piping)
∙ Air Piping in automatic control panels
∙ Automobiles (Car air conditioner grease piping)
∙ Agricultural chemical spray machines
∙ Chemical plant (automatic control, instrumentation signal.)

Stock Code Sizes Std Lgth(M) ID(mm) OD(mm) W/P (psi)
PN-4 4MM 100 2 4 250
PN-6 6MM 100 4 6 250
PN-8 8MM 100 6 8 250
PN-10 10MM 100 7.5 10 250
PN-12 12MM 100 9 12 250
PN-1/8 1/8″ 100 0.093 1/8″ 250
PN-1/4 1/4″ 100 0.179 1/4″ 250
PN-5/16 5/16″ 100 0.236 5/16″ 250
PN-3/8 3/8″ 100 0.275 3/8″ 250
PN-1/2 1/2″ 100 0.380 1/2″ 250


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