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-Polyurethane Tubing is specially formulated for use with gasoline.It is yellow tinted, light weight, flexible in cold temperatures, resistant to oil, grease, ozone and will not flake.
Flexibility :Softer than nylon tubes and with rubber-like elasticity so bending radius is extremely small.Thus, fatigue resistance to bending is very great.

Cold Outstanding :Flexibility is maintained even at 0°C.

Light Weight :Light in weight and tough so suitable for compact design.

Color :Black, Blue, White, Orange

Note :The working pressured listed for the PU tubing is rated at +70°F. Any ambient or internal increase in temperature will lower the above listed working pressures.

Application :
∙ Piping in pneumatic
∙ Central lubrication systems
∙ Air conditioners
∙ Painting machines
∙ Piping in ship (air pressure control, oil or water gauge piping)
∙ Air Piping in automatic control panels
∙ Automobiles (Car air conditioner grease piping)
∙ Agricultural chemical spray machines
∙ Chemical plant (automatic control, instrumentation signal.)

Stock Code Sizes Std Lgth(M) ID(mm) OD(mm) W/P (psi)
PU-4 4MM 100 2 4 140
PU-6 6MM 100 4 6 140
PU-8 8MM 100 5 8 135
PU-10 10MM 100 6.5 10 135
PU-12 12MM 100 8 12 100
PU-1/4 1/4″ 100 0.179 1/4″ 140
PU-5/16 5/16″ 100 0.236 5/16″ 135
PU-3/8 3/8″ 100 0.275 3/8″ 135
PU-1/2 1/2″ 100 0.380 1/2″ 100

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